Denny Meek

Denny Meek

author • speaker • warrior

Denny Meek reared her children mostly as a single mum.

Of the four children she brought into the world, three have predeceased her.

Her second son was lost as an infant to a rare heart disease.

Two of her teenagers ended their own lives, four years apart.

Denny’s two primary relationships subjected her to domestic violence.

She’s been confronted by many challenging situations, deep hurts, and tragic losses, but survives them all, and continues to learn to live again.

Denny’s single mothering was supplemented by a series of odd jobs – from unemployment project officer to photographer, bar staffer to video editor, professional Tarot reader to teacher’s special aide. As an author, she now helps raise awareness for the various personal and social challenges she and her children experienced.

Denny grew up in country town northern New South Wales, Australia. She earned a psychology degree from Macquarie University, Sydney NSW, and later a diploma of freelance journalism by correspondence. She’s lived in Tasmania, Melbourne Victoria, Gympie Queensland, Coffs Harbour NSW, and now on five hectares, on the southern Gold Coast with her adult son.

On her property lives the world’s second deadliest snake – the Eastern Brown – which was spotted and filmed in ritual combat by Denny and received over 200,000 views on YouTube.